We Are Arabbers

Ed Chapman with Red Photo Credit: Scott Kecken

Ed Chapman with Red
Photo Credit: Scott Kecken

Do you know who they are? Do you know their history?

We Are Arabbers follows the horse-and-wagon produce vendors along the streets of Baltimore as they struggle to make a living and maintain their unique culture. Once an integral part of society, hucksters, hawkers and peddlers distributed goods and services throughout the cities of America announcing their trade with a holler or song. Today, only a handful remain to share their moving stories, revealing their hidden network of back alley stables. Along this journey, we meet the old-timers, their contemporaries and customers, the Scottish ferrier, the Amish wheelwrights and the Mennonite harness-makers. The arabbers continue their heritage into the 21 st century. 


Producer and Directed by
Scott Kecken and Joy Lusco Kecken
Camera - Scott Kecken
Sound - G. T. Keplinger
Grip and Video - Gabriel Goodenough
Composer - Lorraine Whittlesey
Post Sound Mix - David Crandall
Editor - Scott Kecken
P.A. - Walter Randle
Research - Jane Goodall, Amacedo Dumaka, Tim Cicinni, Jade Goreman
Advisory Board - Greg Faller, PhD, Mary Ellen Hayward PhD, Charlie Camp PhD, Lee Baker PhD, Benjamin Winfield Meekins

Partial Funding by Maryland State Arts Council and Maryland Humanities Council

Trip to Amish country


Stevenson University (Villa Julie College)
Maryland Film Festival
Creative Alliance
AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
Independent Black Film Festival
Reginald G. Lewis Museum
National Geographic Museum

Participating Arabbers

Albert Bull Ennis
William Pistol Brown
Keith Superstar Brooks
Donald China Waugh
William Papa Dennis
John Jack Walker
George Blue Kellum
Walter Teeth Kelly
Eugene Fatback Allen
Donald Savoy Jr.
Benjamin Winfield Meekins
Charles Blakey
Charles Slim Gough
Leonard Benson
William Walker
Kevin Pop Baker
Donald Man Boy Savoy Sr.
Donald Little Jr. Savoy III
Paul Hottentot Watkins
Michael Taylor
Anthony Frog Savoy
John Gladney Jr.
Ophas Bo Allen
Paul Sonny Diggs
David Boom Boom Chase
Pauletta Diggs Jones
Howard Lee Smith
Harry Simpson Jr.
Frederick Dukus Cutler Jr.
Joseph Louis Simms
James Delly
Bernard C-Daddy Campbell
Ruth Kelly

Benjamin Wright
Wayne Harris
Frederick Perry
Steven Berrian
Charles Dausuel
Clifford Sony McCray
Frederick Stewart