Top 10 things to DO in the ROOM

At a recent Directors' Guild event, Producer / Director Paris Barclay gave his breakdown on the top 10 things to do in an interview meeting as an episodic director.  

1) Know the Show.  If you have a chance to get into the room, do your research, know the show inside and out.  This seems obvious but not everyone takes the time to do this.

2) Know who you are meeting with.  Don't ask, 'What do you do with the show?

3) Find out what they (the show runners) are looking for.  Dig into your network and glean any advice.

4) In meeting, demonstrate passion and desire.  Give your 90 second this is my life pitch.  Tell them who you are.

5) Demonstrate confidence, you are being asked to be responsible for a multi-million dollar budget.

6) Demonstrate flexibility, this is a collaborative art.

7) Demonstrate a sense of humor.  Be yourself, be fun to be around.

8) Be careful if you critique the show, that idea may be the baby of someone in the room. 

9) Be honest.  Tell them flat out where you are coming fron.

10)  End the meeting with a promise, something they will remember you by.