Elysium pulls no punches in a superb second feature from South African / Canadian director Neill Blomkamp.  No subtly in this move, as Elysium opens with a world much like ours, polluted, overpopulated, where the wealthiest 1% of world have almost everything, leaving the rest of us to fight for scraps.  Matt Damon plays the last white man living in Los Angeles, convicted felon, car thief extraordinaire, who has a nightmare on-the-job accident in a world without workers comp.   Jodie Foster channels German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her role as the Defense Minister of Elysium, willing to commit war crimes to protect her lily white world run by a token man-of-color President. Coincidence? Think again.  Elysium is awash in overt and covert themes, immigration, race, income inequality and merits of socialism versus capitalism, enough to make you want a stiff drink afterwards.  Must see movie but be ready to re-occupy your local park afterwards.  After all, we are the 99%.